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Rollercoaster of Emotions in 10th Episode of RHOLagos

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The 10th episode of Showmax’s hit reality show, The Real Housewives of Lagos (RHOLagos) was an emotional rollercoaster. The activities in this episode happened in Dubai during the ladies’ luxurious trip to celebrate Toyin’s 40th birthday.

The 10th episode of the RHOLagos started with the lunch conversation which spilled off from the last episode. Iyabo had asked Carolyna about the lover that gifted her the missing $43,000 diamond bracelet and the question did not sit well with Carolyna as she felt it was unnecessary. Iyabo defended herself by saying that she did not ask the question to be spiteful and just asked to know the possibility of replacing the bracelet.

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The episode continued with the ladies moving to the villa they will call home for the duration of their stay in Dubai. Toyin went with the paper picking method for rooms and this did not sit well with Mariam who won the prize to get the biggest room at Toyin’s cultural party back in Lagos. Mariam got more furious when she picked the smallest room which she tagged “Kiddies room”. Mariam eventually got a better room when they moved to a bigger villa.

Laura was on an emotional roller coaster. She felt left out of the conversation and believed that the ladies planned to ignore her on the trip. She apologized to the ladies and promised to do better with regards to her attitude, even though it did not seem to them like she meant it.

The ladies spent the next day at the Safari having fun and Mariam capped the night by bringing Toyin’s husband to Dubai much to the birthday girl’s surprise and delight.

The preview clip of what is to come in the next episode blew our minds away. RHOLagos resident besties, Chioma and Carolyna were at each other’s throats and we cannot help but wonder what went wrong. We even saw a furious Chioma ranting angrily about Carolyna. The 11th episode is going to be hot and drama-filled and we cannot wait for it.

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