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Arteriors: Unconventional Furnishing

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Going Off Trend!

If you a lover of non-conformity and unorthodox décor ideas, you would
understand that creative décor is mostly inspired by out of the box, couture type
design choices.

In essence, you create the perfect interior suited for your space
and style with unique elements and a splash of originality.

Whether it is vintage, antique or other one of a kind design pieces, your home can be transformed with eccentric style artefacts that project elegance and personality. And what’s
more…you do not have to break the bank to achieve this look.

Non-conformist Décor Ideas

Unconventional décor is usually achieved with repurposed objects infused with
one’s own interpretation of how they can be used.

You would be surprised to see how a hand crafted chair, a discarded tree trunk or an old work bench could be put together to offer other imaginative uses and perfect home décor accessories.

Here are some of our favorite avant-garde décor ideas you can try out for

1. Chalkboard Wall: Chalkboard walls are great accents that enable you
develop your creativity as you can showcase art and décor drawings

These walls can be used in any room of your choice and they work
well in open spaces like the living room, bedroom, kitchen or a nook such
as the closet.

If there are doors or storage cubicles beside the wall, paint
them too for a perfect blend of matte black and an awesome result!

2. Woven Baskets: Woven baskets are amazingly versatile in their décor
capabilities. Use as a shade for pendant lamps, beautiful storage pieces on
a console table, gorgeous wall arts, or simply to add flair to your space.

You could also spray paint them for an enhanced touch. Whatever your
intentions are, woven baskets are simple statement pieces that
complement your home décor effortlessly.

3. Old Bench: Upcycle that old wooden bench to make a great addition to
your living room. Respray it and swap the original legs with a more modern
style for a revamped look. Use as a coffee table or side stool depending on
the size and practicality. Talk about embracing Nordic charm in a modern


4. Vintage Suitcase: I am so in love with this one. Before you throw out that
dusty old suitcase, why not think of other brilliant uses it can serve in your
home. Vintage suitcases are striking pieces that would always get the
conversation going whichever way you choose to repurpose it for your

Some interesting ones are as a console table, just attach sturdy legs
and reinforce with fibreboards. They also double as storage items or as a
vignette, adding visual appeal to a corner of your home. Certainly you may
need to perform some revamp magic on it depending on how shabby it

5. China Wall Gallery: Take out the dishes from cabinets and install on your
walls instead. Mount decorative ceramic plates in varying sizes and
patterns to create an adorable wall gallery. You can group by color or
collection type. Or simply get creative with harmonious circles in the form
of ceramic plates.

In or Out?

For most of us, home is our happy place. And what better place to show off your
personality and quirky interests?

You should learn to break those design rules and go for the unconventional, once in your lifetime at least!

Don’t be afraid to unfollow the norm, add some creativity and ingenuity to your home. Trends come and go after all but your one of a kind design sense is timeless!

About Arteriors By Ella


Hi! I’m Stella, Director, Arteriors By Ella. I am an interior decorator by passion
and a picture perfect planner & organizer.

Arteriors By Ella is the vehicle through which I feed my penchant for delivering elegant, sophisticated and inspiring interiors with memorable experiences.

Arteriors By Ella is an Interior Design and Decoration outfit primarily focused on
helping clients create lasting impressions in their home spaces.

We aim to consistently deliver innovative and impactful interiors by infusing our touch of
originality and innovation into every project, whilst upholding our commitment
to quality operations and exceptional service to our clients.

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