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Ex-Fatah Leader Dahlan Calls for Post-War Democracy in Gaza, Including Hamas

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Mohammad Dahlan, a former Fatah strongman in Gaza exiled to the UAE since Hamas’s takeover of the Strip, tells the Economist that he envisions a future in which both the enclave and the West Bank are governed by an elected Palestinian parliament, doing away with the Palestinian Authority presidency.

He says once Israel’s war on Hamas ends, the Strip should be governed by a technocratic government for two years before giving way to elections.

The vote should include rival Hamas, he says, pooh-poohing the suggestion that Israel will be able to eliminate the group completely. The terror group emerged victorious the last time Palestinian parliamentary elections were held, in 2006.

“Hamas will not disappear,” he is quoted saying in the rare interview.

Though based in the Gulf, Dahlan remains a powerful figure in Gaza, where he formerly ran security for PA President Mahmoud Abbas and has since brokered deals to bring money and fuel into the Strip.

However, he dismisses the suggestion that he would agree to be installed by Israel to rule the enclave once troops pull back, the Economist reports.

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