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NASA Releases Breathtaking Views Of Earth From Moon-Bound Spacecraft

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NASA’s Artemis I uncrewed Orion capsule is headed to the moon. The first view of Earth from the spacecraft was posted on Twitter.

Two hurricanes, several technical issues, and two months later, NASA launched the Artemis I mission early Wednesday from its  Kennedy Space Center in Cape Canaveral, Florida.

“[F]or the Artemis generation, this is for you,” NASA’s launch director Charlie Blackwell-Thompson said as she gave the go-ahead for liftoff at 0148 ET.

NASA placed a manikin named “Commander Moonikin Campos” in the Orion capsule for the 26-day mission around the moon. The space agency released a video inside the capsule.

If Artemis 1 mission is successful, which would end with the Orion capsule splashing down in the Pacific Ocean on Dec. 11, then Artemis 2 and 3 flights will follow.

Artemis 2 is scheduled sometime in 2024. That mission will propel four astronauts around the moon. Then in 2025, Artemis 3 could include a return of humans back to the lunar surface.

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