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Bagudu’s Magic Wand In Kebbi

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  1. In the words of a scholar, Ernest Thomp ” transformational leadership is a style of leadership where a leader is charged with identifying the needed ‘Change’ – creating a vision to guide the ‘Change’ through inspiration and executing the ‘Change’ in line with the desire of the teeming population.” With the statement, even the ardent critics of Governor Abubakar Atiku Bagudu are now sobber and being faced with the reality in his Midas’ touch that is now translating into dividend of democracy like never before since the creation of the state in . August 1991.
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The magic of Bagudu in the last few years as the ‘Headmaster’ ( Governor) of the state is as a result of his zeal, unwavering commitment and his passion to serve his people based on the mandate given to him by the teeming population – the young, old, male and female of the state. This is just like the popular assertion, that to whom much is given; much is expected from. This is in no doubt that Bagudu whom much was given by electing him to steer the affairs of the state, has equally put to bear his experience as a good captain of a ship.

In Nigeria today, and in the Nigerian political circuit, it is a known fact that one great personality whose oddity, personal best, and strong commitment to the welfare and wellbeing of his people have signposted and promoted him high among his contemporaries and equals, is the present Kebbi State Governor, Abubakar Atiku Bagudu.

In spite of the fierce competition from political opponents in the Kebbi state politics, what the critics cannot take out of Bagudu’s administration scorecard is that when the history of Kebbi state politics are put together his achievements in the area of infrastructural development and human capacity building cannot be ignored. Of course, Governor Bagudu has been a great and rare gem in our most vulnerable political circle and stands tall amidst his matches.

He’s unarguably a proven leader who’s endeared much by his followers; his infrequent chariness on the matter that concerns his people, enormity, and commitment, are his attributes which keep him spiraling amidst his enthusiasts such that even his adversaries are left holding the short end of the stick. In fact, those who know Gov. Bagudu’s said his victory at the 2019 gubernatorial poll was due to his excellent performances during his first term in office which made the electorates in the state to entrusted him with another four years tenure. His first term performance in transforming the state to enviable status was one of the factors that played out during the election and the electorates believed that if given another mandate for another four years that the people and the state would benefit a lot from a man whose style of leadership is to deliver his electioneering campaign promises.

In the last few years, Bagudu’s has taken the state to a higher pedestal that makes it the envy of many and the pride of her citizens at home and in the Diaspora. Today, under Bagudu’s administration – schools are better developed as centres for learning; hospitals are provided with more facilities and equipment, while people are more empowered to be job providers rather than job seekers.

Without doubt, in the present political dispensation, Governor Bagudu has successfully written his name in not only Kebbi’s sands of history, but in the country’s record of uncommon political goal-getters.

Adubi is a Journalist, writes from Kaduna

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