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You could have made 28% returns in a month by buying GTB stock

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A month ago as the coronavirus hysteria was hitting fever-pitch, one blue chip firm on the stock exchange was hitting multi-year lows, allowing savvy investors to scoop up the shares at dirt cheap prices.

On Monday April 06 2020, Guaranty Trust Bank (GTB) shares closed trading at N17.85 per share as financials sold off massively on the Nigerian Stock Exchange (NSE).

Exactly a month later GTB closed trading yesterday (May 06) at N22.90 per share, equivalent to a 28 percent gain in that time period.

To put that in perspective, if you bought N1 million worth of GTB shares a month ago your share will be worth N1.28 million today for gains of N280,000.

More importantly GTB is a very liquid stock that trades an average of 41 million share a day, meaning investors can easily sell their holdings and book their profits.

Now that’s a genuine trade our readers could have put on and made good returns without needing to fall for Ponzi schemes or scams.

Look out for more alerts from our team on investment opportunities in the markets going forward.

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