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United Nigeria Airlines flight berths in Anambra airport

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The Executive Director, and Chief Operating Officer, United Nigeria Airlines, Mazi Osita Okonkwo, says the Anambra airport at Umueri, will soon rule the airways in the country.

He spoke yesterday as UNA flight berthed at the airport for the first time since it was opened on October 30.

He said the airport would soon become the first in Nigeria as everything needed at an airport was included.

According to him, “We give glory and honour to God for making it possible for us to land here today being our inaugural flight. This is the beginning of many more flights to come.

“The flight has gone to Abuja and will soon be back and then it will continue to Lagos. We intend to operate daily flights in and out of the Anambra airport.

“We have started today. We’ll fly tomorrow. We’ll fly on Monday. We’ll introduce more flights as we move on.

“It’s been a long journey for Ndi Anambra and also for us to see today and we thank God for that. So, what I am telling Ndi Anambra is to get ready for us.

“Traveling out of Anambra or into Anambra will become easier and easier as the days go by. Today is our inaugural flight, touching base on the soil of Anambra. And we’re glad we have done it successfully.

“There are a few things that are still being done in the airport but we want to be part of it, give them feedback so that they know what the issues are and get everything going. So, we’re happy with what we have seen today.

“This airport is an excellent, well thought-out project. I think it is going to be one of the best in Nigeria. I’m sure that those who do the flying in and out and the technical side of it will be in a better position to give their own verdict.

“Of course, an airport is not just about the airport. There are many things that happen around. You look for places to stay. There should be transport in and out of the airport. These are the things that will make it viable.

“And I’m sure that with time, people will begin to see the businesses that are supposed to develop around the airport. So, it has everything, all the potential for it to be a great destination.” Okonkwo said.

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